Meet Janice Debo



Let me tell you more about me. I’m from North Carolina originally until 8 years ago and was born and raised there as the daughter of a Methodist Minister.  We moved frequently as I was growing up, so it became natural for me to make friends quickly. I’ve always been outgoing and enjoy meeting people. When the time came to work, I was a secretary for a few years for a major company in North Carolina. I worked with a group of salesmen and never gave it much thought to actually getting out there myself.  However, one of the salesmen took me under his wing and helped me see how good I would be out from behind a desk. And he also said I didn’t take orders too well as a secretary, so I shouldn't make it a career.

I started my first B2B sales job in the telecom industry and moved into the office equipment industry. All in all, a 20 year sales career was spawned and successful. I have always been great at networking and connecting people. My phone rings and receives texts daily from contacts who need to connect with another type of business or personal need.  It comes  naturally and my passion is to help people, especially in small business be successful.

I love walks with my dog Willie, a Jack Russell Parson Terrier and have 2 cats, both tabbies. I enjoy music, reading, sitting by a river, and a good movie too! All in all, I enjoy life and good friends.