Testimonial 2

Jennifer Burroughs

It’s only been a year since I have known Janice, but in that year, she has taught me so much. She has taught me that I can go out and strike up a conversation with people I don’t know. That at a networking event, we are all there for the same reason, to meet people. That other person that I am talking to probably is as nervous as I am. I have learned things about myself that I didn’t know. I don’t have to be the wallflower standing in the background, I can do this, I can go up and talk to people I don’t know, introduce myself and have a conversation.
It’s incredible how she can connect people. She’s fearless. I met her in my very first networking group last year and since then, I have joined the Sisters Chamber, Sisters Rotary and go to multiple networking events a month. I would never had done any of that if Janice had not given me the confidence to do that.
Since working with Janice, I have been able to grow my business because I now have the confidence to approach people and business owners. I didn’t have that before spending time with Janice. In the couple of months that I have been working with her, I have obtained several new business clients and have several more in my pipeline.
If you are like me, and need that push to get out there to network, to get organized, to take control of your schedule, to be accountable, let me introduce you to Janice Debo.