You may recall, I recently wrote about shattering a beautiful biscotti jar. Now for Part 2. This time instead of a biscotti jar, it’s a wine glass; a big one. This one happened in the evening which was a little easier to contend with cleaning up or so I thought.
I had just finished a nice dinner of chicken Alfredo with a glass of cabernet. Oooh, red wine. It was delicious of course. I was trying to shortcut my trips into the kitchen and (ha ha) carefully placed the wine glass on top of my pasta bowl. “It’s all good” I said to myself confidently, all the while knowing it was not such a good idea. Here I go. So far so good.
The kitchen is only a few feet from where I was enjoying my delightful dinner. As I approached the kitchen, the glass started to wobble but my confidence was high. This time the shattering took place on my kitchen floor, wooden, and yes, so many pieces in so many places.
The glass rolled promptly off the pasta bowl as soon as my feet touched the kitchen flooring. Of course it couldn’t land on the cushy mats but it made a beeline for the hardwood. If you thought a biscotti jar could shatter into a million pieces on carpet, you can only guess how many pieces a wine glass can explode into on a hard floor.
I stood there for a minute not believing it happened again. Since I was barefoot, I was motivated to put on a pair of slippers. The last thing I wanted or needed was to be pulling shards of glass out of my foot. My broom and dust pan were on the other side of the kitchen beside the refrigerator. I made it over there unscathed.
After sweeping no less than 6 times, I thought I had been successful getting the one billion pieces of shattered wine glass collected. But much to my chagrin, for days after I found minuscule, almost invisible shards. Oh, and with my feet this time. I truly escaped cutting my feet by a tiny margin.
There is a lesson in this, I promise. My instinct was to carry the glass by the stem however, I didn’t follow that instinct. A bit of stubbornness came into play somewhat. The two ‘shatterings’ were different yet not so different. As it turned out right after that occurred, I made a decision to pass on to my neighbor all of my stemmed glasses and get stemless.
Something great came out of an accident, a happy accident overall. I was able to share and in turn received. A lesson to listen, a miracle of not being injured, another level of patience and a beautiful set of new glasses. Expect a rainbow from the storm. It’s waiting for you…..

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