I’m from North Carolina originally and in 2009 relocated out west. Having been born and raised there as the daughter of a Methodist minister, we moved frequently as I was growing up. It became natural for me to make friends quickly. That experience helped me become independent, resilient and courageous.

After entering the workforce, I became a secretary for a few years for a major company in North Carolina. I worked with a group of salesmen not considering stepping into the sales arena myself. However, one of the salesmen took me under his wing and helped me see I had the natural ability for sales and marketing.

My first sales job was in the telecom industry and quickly moved into the office equipment industry. All in all, a 20 plus year sales and marketing career was spawned and successful. Networking and connecting people has come easily and naturally to me. My passion is to help people individually as well as small to medium businesses to be successful.

I started my coaching business in 2017 upon realizing how I could help people full time using the experience and skills developed throughout my career. This aha moment came from a prospect who was a coach at the time. He asked one simple question, “Don’t you want to get paid for what you are already doing?” And so it began!

With my network, I can help you make connections leading to vital business relationships. In turn, these can help take you to the next level in whatever business or profession you may be. I provide Personal Development Training and Coaching, designing each clients program to their specific needs. Training and coaching is available for solo-preneurs, small to medium businesses with team training and coaching.

Having served on multiple Boards of Directors and in multiple networking groups including ConnectW, Chicks Connect and Your Networking Universe, I have experience working with leadership and staff in a variety of industries. Previous I was a member of the Redmond Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) for 4 years and served as an officer for 3 years.
With over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, I understand the phases of start up to the details of running a business. In addition, I have owned multiple businesses.

A few fun facts about me are I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, taking walks, reading and good food. My kitty, Tobe is a joy and time with him is precious. I am a writer, podcaster and speaker.