NET-BEING OR NET-WORKING? You may be asking yourself what is “net-being”? We all are familiar with “networking” because it is a normal part of business and life in some respects. I want to explore the term “net-being” with you to […]


How would you define “encouragement”? It is a fascinating word to me. It encompasses the word COURAGE. The definition of encouragement is,  “The act of giving someone support, confidence or hope”.  We all need encouragement, and recently, much more so.  […]


As a Networking Coach and Business Consultant, I am all about making connections and bringing people together for their benefit. I enjoy seeing people’s lives changed by connecting with someone else to help them grow either personally or professionally. Networking […]


WHERE ARE YOU LIVING? PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE? Does this seem like an odd question to you? Maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t. We are all living in one of these three places.  In the book, “Ruthless Trust” by […]

Being Brave

Bravery… Sometimes it is a step, sometimes it is a heartbeat… Life can seem like the dream is one step away, surviving is one heart beat away. You can take another breath and carry on. Both are choices. Merriam-Webster defines […]

Fear of Networking

Does approaching others in a networking environment scare you? Whether you are brand new to the networking arena or a seasoned pro, it can be intimidating to be in a new setting with strangers. Some people simply will not go […]

Making a Good First Impression

How do you make a good first impression in a networking environment? Sometimes in a crowded networking situation, you may feel it’s impossible to make any impression, let alone a good one at first.  It is possible to be memorable […]

Networking Mindset

Do you go to networking events, or any event with the mindset of making new contacts? Of course you do! Let me ask you one question… do you have a stack of business cards that is piling up in your desk […]