Training and Coaching
Confident Communications Training & Coaching: Courage, Confidence & Connections
I do private network coaching and business consulting both locally and remotely. I also provide coaching and consulting on a one-on-one basis as well in groups in the following areas and all my packages are customized. The main focus for my coaching is making key connections and introductions in the marketplace to help my clients be successful in their businesses and industries. With my network of connections, I can help you connect with and make those vital business relationships that will take you to the next level in whatever your business or profession may be.

Coaching Networking

The Business and Network Coaching Program
In this program the work will focus on taking your business to the next level and beyond. We will explore networking techniques, opportunities and much more. We will work with practical business processes that you need to be successful. Networking will consist of introductions to individuals and businesses that will be mutually beneficial. I will help you understand and eliminate barriers to more effective communication, sales, confidence and performance.

Coaching Communications

Confident Communications Program: Courage, Confidence & Connections
In this program we will work on confidence, communication skills, listening skills and getting your message out in a bold and aligned way. We’ll work with confidence building exercises and practical application to reinforce them and utilize daily so that you will experience the success you desire in business and life. I will help you understand and eliminate barriers to better relationships, more confidence and more effective performance.