While contemplating what to write today, my day changed courses. We always try to stay on course, or on the planned path for our day. In my case, it all changed. I would say it got derailed, but it feels like somehow, I stayed on a good track.    

As a professional personal development coach, I work with clients to plan and time block and yet it seems our days can easily get off our path of choice. So this happened today. My printer died. It’s still fairly new and covered for repair. A funny story here is after I called and set up for it to get fixed yesterday, today I get 2 emails. The first one was notifying me it was approved for repair. The second email, ha ha, said to print out the shipping label. I couldn’t stop laughing! Print it out? Were they serious? I was trying to get my “printer” fixed.

With that, off to the shipping store after several calls to the place I bought it and inquiries on how to print out a label and ship off the “printer”. Needless to say, that was not on my list for the day. I grabbed the printer, and off I went stopping by to get a mocha on the way. Hey, I needed coffee, so there.    

Recently ordered a new phone and got busy on setting that up when I returned. I was hungry and made a green drink while I was working on my phone. Oops! Spilled some on my mouse pad but whew, at least it wasn’t on my laptop. Then I wouldn’t be typing my blog to you. Now the phone is done, the blog is done, right? Time to see what else I can get into this afternoon,.  

How’s your day going? And by the way, it’s sunny and gorgeous and the new “pathway” today was pleasant to get out and breathe some fresh air. Follow your heart and your path will appear…

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