What does ‘age’ mean to you? I decided decades ago to not consider it an issue and I haven’t since. I remember when I was 29, I could not wait to be 30. I know that sounds odd but it was such a cliche’ to be 29 if you know what I mean.

The photo here is one of 2 of my classmates at our 50th reunion. I apologize to those who did are not in there and to be honest, I could not figure out how to put 2 photos on my blog. But you are all loved! Yes I graduated 50 years ago and I am shocked when I look back through my senior yearbook and realize, yep, there we are. Age, I digress.

Note to my readers, I did not make it back to Roxboro, NC to the reunion. In so many ways I wanted to attend yet over 2,500 miles away made it almost impossible. But the great news is I am in touch with many of my awesome classmates. It was truly my loss to not be there. This blog is dedicated to those I went to school with at Person Senior High School.

One of my classmates told me a funny story from when we were pals there. I did not have total recall of the funny scenario but believe me when she recounted it, I had a good laugh and it came back to me. We were hanging around Roses, a department store in downtown Roxboro and my older brother was along for what may have been supervision (ha ha) or chauffeur. She reminded me that we ran into the store in an attempt to get away from a local man who had a mental issue and as high school girls, we may have been a little afraid.

We ran to the section of the store where there were clothes racks in order to hide but our giggles gave us away and we were escorted out by the store manager. Caught! Oh well, as she tells it I was quite the funny one and made her laugh so loud we were found out. I guess I am still funny today. Fun has no age limit.

Back to age as it were. If we decided we are to be ‘old’ at a certain ‘age’, then we will. If we make a decision that old is not a word we embrace, then you know what? You won’t get old. Do you like to have fun? Then have fun. Do you like to laugh? Then laugh and keep living life like you’re a kid. You only get old when you think old.

I can hear you now out there saying to yourself or someone else, yeah right! Yes, I am right. Do our bodies age? Of course they do. However, you simply adapt and consider if your thinking has taken you down that road of being old. In the photos and videos from our reunion, the dancing by my classmates was great. The disco and rock from the 70’s and 60’s. What fun. You cannot convince me that I have to get ‘old’. Nope, age is a number and only a number.

Have fun, laugh, dance, sing, play. Don’t get old, get going!

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