Oh the joy of the Christmas season. Baking! One of many Christmas traditions, right? I have a short story to tell you or should I say, tell on myself. And to be clear, it may have been a different time of the year. I think it was close enough to the holidays to take some poetic license here.

For many years I have baked such lucious delights as pumpkin bread. It was loved so much by everyone who ate it that my family begged me to ship it across country from Oregon to North Carolina. However, to get it that far and not spoil, it had to be frozen like a brick. It made it. I only did that one or two years much to their chagrin.

I also baked regular bread, Christmas cookies, bourbon balls, cheesecake just to name a few. This sets the stage for my main topic, Christmas Biscuits. With my prior baking experience I decided to try my hand at biscuits. After all, if both of my grandmothers could bake biscuits, rolls and more delectable delights, why not me? Well, now you will know, why not me!

I had not been in the Raleigh area very long back more than a few years ago and living in a basement apartment. My former husband and I decided to invite my first cousin over for a fairly elaborate holiday meal. My cousin had recently moved to the area as well. It seemed like a fun evening to be had by all. Oh yes. It was.

I prepared the dough and proceeded to shape the biscuits. They were placed perfectly on the greased cookie sheet. Ahhh, I was ready to bake my very first batch of biscuits. The rest of the meal was almost complete. Waiting! The oven was set to the perfect temperature, of course, maybe. As far as I can recall, when they were done, out they came.

Dinner time guys. We sat down to a nice meal and entertaining conversation. But…not as entertaining as my biscuits were about to be. They were so hard no one could even take a bite out of them. I tried but we prized our full sets of teeth. The guys decided to make a game out of it. Hocky pucks! Let the games begin. Hysterical laughter and bouncing biscuits.

Well, the rest of the meal was a hit if I do say so myself, but maybe I am the only one. My cousin did not come back over again for dinner. I think we may have settled for going out to eat from then on. My hockey puck biscuits went down in history (and the trash bin). See you next time and don’t forget to bring the biscuits……

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