Ok, come on, admit it! You knew I would have to go there with this one right? Of all the crazy movies ever made, Christmas Vacation provides more laughs per minute. Family nuts, too many lights, competition to beat the neighbors, food, food and more food.

The characters in this movie take the cake don’t they? As I watched this again for the who knows how many times, I think the subtitle should be Christmas Chaos. Talk about chaotic. Through it all Clark Griswold keeps smiling although with cousin Eddie it might be a little forced.

Crazy amount of lights on the house light up the entire neighborhood and the neighbors bedroom adds chaos after chaos to their Christmas. Oblivious to hiking through emence amount of snow to get a tree, driving the old station wagon under a truck to forgetting the chain saw to cut down the tree, Clark manages to get that tree in the house, sort of.

The old station wagon reminds me of our old station wagon growing up. Oh man the woodgrain wagon. So the relatives show up and let the games begin from in-laws to out-laws. I personally enjoy the old aunt wrapping up her cat in a box for a Christmas gift. The cat screams just like my Tobe, affectionately known as Munchie Kittie on the radio.

Chaos ensues even further after the tree, the lights and then comes one explosion after another. Oh let’s not forget the dog and the squirrel on a race through what was the Griswold’s home. And that reminds me of a few years ago while out looking at the Christmas lights in my area. We found the Griswolds house right here. Not quite to be honest but pretty close. Thousands of lights on the one house lit up the whole street, neighborhood, and almost the town.

Personally I never attained to that many lights and decorations however, I enjoy seeing the festive atmosphere and fun. In the end, the Griswolds pulled off an explosive Christmas Eve (pun intended).

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