Horses are such amazing animals. They speak to the soul of a person, at least to me. Looking in their gaze can take you to another time and place. Now, all animals in one way or another have a way of communicating with humans and other animals.

What makes horses so special? Watching a herd of horses move gracefully across a meadow is mesmerizing. There is no other animal in my humble opinion that moves with the same grace and ease. At least any other animal so domesticated.

I have owned two horses in my life thus far; an appaloosa mare and a thoroughbred stallion. The stallion was young and handsome. Due to a relocation, I was unable to keep him and break him. Both were unique in their own way and personality.

Now a bit about the love of horses. They can read you like a book and stare right through you to your very soul. The love of horses is a deep and enduring bond that has existed for centuries.  Horses have been companions, partners, and symbols of power and freedom throughout history.

There are many reasons why people love horses, but some of the most common include their beauty, grace, strength and majesty. Their sensitivity helps them form strong bonds with humans. They can sense our emotions, our energy. Just ask anyone who has owned, ridden or even been around a horse for any length of time.

Horses can teach us about patience, trust, and responsibility. They can also help us to improve our communication skills and our physical fitness. In recent years with the help of some friends, I have learned of how therapeutic horses can be in assisting our veterans, troubled youth and improving mental health.

There is nothing like being part of a herd. For the love of horses, take a ride….

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