Yesterday was a spectacular day where I live. The sky was bright blue, the air had a sweet fragrance and a slight breeze. Some days you just need to go for a drive and see some beautiful sights. That is exactly what I did.

The rock formation you see in the photo is Smith Rock, a beautiful area right outside my door. It is majestic and awe inspiring. I rolled down the windows in my van and drove slowly around the area while stopping to take some gorgeous pictures along the way. A family of deer decided to come out and say hello on one of the backroads and pose for me.

Nature speaks volumes. It says, I’m here, stop and and enjoy life folks. Life can be so busy and so engulfing that we let it pass us by. Just this morning, I received news that someone I have known for quite a few years passed. Having been ill off and on for a while, it did not come as a surprise but no one is ever prepared when it occurs. My decision is to stop as much as I can, smell the fragrant air, look up at the sky, listen to the birds, take it all in.

Today, the sky has whispy clouds and the birds are singing a song in a chorus. Last night the bullfrogs were having a symphony performance. It only takes a few minutes to see clearly. I love the song, “I Can See Clearly Now”. My friend can see clearly now, but why wait folks.

Open your eyes…

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