Laughing! It’s so healthy for us. What makes you laugh so hard you start to cry? Yes that is me a few years back and I’m not sure what was so funny but looking at the picture makes me laugh.

A couple of times today and yesterday, a friend sent me a text while talking into their phone. I literally almost hurt myself laughing so hard I cried. Of course I got the “corrected” version shortly after that and laughed even harder.

Do yourself a favor and laugh, laugh, laugh! I watched a video not long ago of a guy that got on the subway and simply started laughing for no apparent reason except to change the atmosphere in the subway car. Everyone else was looking glum and sad. Before long, the whole crowd was laughing hysterically, again, for no apparent reason. Try it, you may set off a positive chain reaction.

Find a funny movie, maybe an old one to just sit and laugh out loud. It will feel so good and who knows, you could set off your own chain reaction! And remember, laugh at yourself frequently. Ready, set, go………

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