Thank you for visiting my blog today. All over the United States today there is celebration and much gratitude for those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Coming from a background with no military experience personally or any family members I ask myself what qualifies me to write about it. I am not sure honestly. However, I am close to those who have served and their family members also served. Please bear with me as I make my way through to honor those.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to go abroad and fight for the freedom of people you do not know and for many who may not honor or appreciate your sacrifices. Freedom is precious; just ask those who do not have it.

My blogs are typically lighthearted and upbeat and I would like to keep that in mind today on what is for many a sad and difficult day. Thank you to all who have given up their lives to make sure we who do not serve or sacrifice stay free. I appreciate you.

On the note of freedom, it is or can be fleeting. There are many layers to freedom such as our personal freedoms we experience and freedom in our country. Then there is freedom of speech that has seemed to be fleeting but for me as I write this I am free to write my thoughts and my heartfelt words.

Let’s not take our freedoms for granted be they political, personal, financial or any other kind of freedom. Stay grateful! Be aware of how fragile it can be. Appreciate those who sacrificed so much and let them know in any way possible.

Again, thank you with all my heart for your service!

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