This photo is very unique isn’t it? We see the building behind it upside down and then right side up in the glass or glass paperweight. I’m not sure what they are using here. Think about it, perspective. What does it mean? A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

There is beauty in seeing things differently. Everyone has a perspective of their own. Do you leave space for others to have a different opinion? What a boring world and life it would be if we all were the same in how we look and think. So many factors influence us in our lives such as how we were raised, where we grew up, who we were around and our own life experiences contribute to who we are now.

No surprise, a movie reference here, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, I watched recently for about the 4th time. It is based on the true story of John Nash, a brilliant mathematician and a Nobel Prize winner. He had schizophrenia that started to manifest during his college years. It’s an unkind disease and I’ve had some personal experience with it in a loved one. Back to John Nash however, in the movie, he had “friends” and others who were only real in his mind. “They” had a profound effect on his life and eventually he was hospitalized for a while because of it.

He had the disease until he died but early on he learned to ignore his imaginary “friends” more and more. His perspective changed. He could distinguish the real from the imaginary ones and lived somewhat of a more normal life with his family. My point with this is during the movie, because he was different, he was made fun of quite a lot and misunderstood frequently by friends and foes.

Let’s accept others as they are not knowing why they are the way they are. And as John Nash did, even though we may not deal with schizophrenia, just ignore the ones and the things that try to distract you and pull you into a life that is not real. In the movie someone asked him if “they” were still there. His response was, “Yes, but I mostly ignore them.” We have the ability to use our minds to see the good in others and especially to see the good in ourselves.

I was inspired watching this and seeing what he went through and how, for the most part, overcame it. Find the good and beauty in others and if they seem upside down to you as the photo shows, get a new perspective and change your point of view. See you next time….

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