If this wasn’t The Fourth Of July, you might think this is an odd subject however, I wanted to share some thoughts with you. Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog.

On this particular day, it’s been a year since I moved into my current home. The last few years felt like bondage in so many ways. I moved several times coming out of a divorce and rebuilding my life. It was no walk in the park, let me tell you. So many times I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel.

Have you been there? Has life kicked you to the curb and left you there? Today I heard a song I had not heard for a while, “Get Up” by Shine Down. It’s time to get up and know you can do whatever you want to do or need to do. Tough times hit all of us and just know you are not alone.

I am not one to be tough on people who are going through a bad time. There are those who are and tell you to get over it. You may not be able to get over it but you can get through it and only when you decide to get up and take a step to move forward. As they say, baby steps. Okay that was another movie reference.

How do you get up when you’ve been kicked in the gut repeatedly? Honestly, everyone is different and not everyone can or does. But it starts with a decision and help from others. Compassion goes a long way towards those who are down and out. Even if you have not been there, you can reach out a hand in love to encourage someone that they can “get up”

On the topic of ‘set yourself free’, that is what it comes down to in the long run. Only you an make the decision to take that baby step by getting up. Getting up from discouragement, from the couch, from whatever is keeping you down. To be as candid as possible, sometimes life sucks but it does not have to stay that way if you want to change things.

I’ve got several people very close to me (including me) who have lost loved ones recently. That is tougher than you can imagine if it has not happened to you. It will at some point. Giving up cannot be an option my friend. You have a beautiful life to live and others can use your light.

Now let me elaborate on what can happen if you go down a rabbit hole. I know because I have been there. It can seem that not just one thing hits you but multiple bad times hit you and hit you and hit you. Why is that? Several things happen. Our thoughts go to the bad and if we can’t or don’t pull out of that mindset, we can bring on more bad times.

Now don’t get upset with me saying we bring on the bad in our lives, but it is our response to those times. When we lose someone, there is a grief that is normal and we must process it. If you don’t, it lingers. Let yourself process in whatever manner you need to and reach out to someone you trust to help get through it.

I can promise you that if you “Get Up” things will change. Be encouraged! You are worth it and so many need that light at the end of the tunnel. Be that light to those experiencing times that seem devastating.

Get Up my friend and “SET YOURSELF FREE” !

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