I’ve been away a couple of days from writing and I’m back. I love to write and I’m taking a writing course now. It’s very insightful to open up areas of communication that I’ve previously not fully embraced.

Tobe, my wonderful tabby cat is a prolific talker and as I was sitting at my desk pondering what to write, he was pacing around my chair and office as if to say, I’m here, talk to me. Then in my creative mind, that’s my blog topic for today.

Talking and communicating can be two different things as you probably know. There are many out there who talk a lot and say nothing or very little. I’ve been listening to a book the last 2 days entitled, “The Honeymoon Effect” by Bruce Lipton, Phd. Just to put to rest any concern that that is in my future any time soon, it’s about how euphoric it is for newlyweds in their just married bliss (in most cases).

My point on that topic is how quickly it can change after the honeymoon is over and “life” sets in. Communication is key to understand what the other person is actually saying and because of our environment growing up, often times we miss the mark and misunderstand and we all know where that can go.

In all our relationships, not just with marriage or partners, it’s so important to take a step back, a deep breath and consider before reacting. How do you communicate? Talk to me….

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