What are you waiting for? That is a loaded question in life. There are many types of waiting that we do. We could be waiting for our ship to come in and change it all.

We could be waiting in the doctor’s office to be seen. Then there is the waiting in line to be seated in a restaurant for our turn to be seated. Expectant mothers wait for the baby to born.

You can also wait for inspiration if you are creative in some area of the arts to paint that beautiful picture or write that song. Are you anxious waiting for the coffee to brew? Are you in a hurry when you wait?

I have a long career in sales over many years and I waited more times than I can account for to close a sale when the potential buyer is on the fence or they are waiting for approval before proceeding.

No matter what you are waiting on in life, can you be still and patient during the process? I know I have had many times of anxious waiting but it never fails when I let go of the how and when, the answer comes.

It is vital to have a dream in your heart and a vision of what you desire passionately for your life and future. However, while holding that dream and vision that you are willing to release the way it comes to you. I’ve been told I’m very patient, but not always and I can mask that like most folks when it comes to outward appearances.

Patience is important but more important is peace. Do you have peace about your visions and dreams you have in your heart? One thing I learned to do many years ago (I digress here, I don’t have this perfected) is to be very selective in who I share my dreams and visions with. Many times I keep them locked away in my heart and my journal to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Everyone won’t see your heart and desires the way you do so my caution is to write them out in a place for your eyes only and trust your heart to show you who and when to share if you are to share. The more clear you see it for yourself and are convinced of it, the less you will need to tell others and if you do, you will not be talked out of them.

Now on the other side of this topic, there are those who can provide wisdom that may help avoid pitfalls and I encourage you to ask advice when you feel it is the right time. But don’t ask too many as that will scramble your brain, if you get my drift.

So no matter what you are waiting on, breathe, find that place of peace, listen to your heart, write it out. If it lights you up, run after it…..

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