What is a timeless dreamer of another day? I asked the same question when I heard the song this line came from, “Hollyann” by Boston. I’ll start with the word timeless: not affected by the passages of time or changes. In a world so obsessed with not aging and a culture that is determined to stay young, how do we live timelessly?

One of the most constant things in life is change. Life is about change and I believe embracing change is necessary. But I digress so back to the point about living a timeless life. Children have no sense of time when they dream and pretend. This picture says so much about dreaming and a kid that is living in the moment. He’s floating on a cloud, traveling on a suitcase and pointing out towards the future; at least that is how I see it.

Living in the moment is in many ways living life as a timeless dreamer. Dreams are not just for the night but for life. If you don’t have dreams in life you are simply not living. Dreams can be big or small. Do you dream? Do you embrace change?

I must stop and quote Einstein here as it is imperative to get to the point about timeless dreamers.”People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Time, in other words, he said is an illusion. I’m no physicist but I believe absolutely in the ability to live in a timeless dream state by living in the moment.

Reality can be so heavy and there are times in life that are heavy and heartbreaking. You will get no argument from me on that as I have had more than my share of heavy and heartbreaking experiences. Life has turned me around like a merry-go-round and tossed me off leaving me to pick myself up and start over.

Living in the moment is not easy by any stretch but with practice you can live a life of awareness and wakefulness while keeping the dream state alive. As I write this, I am challenged to stay in the moment. Distractions can be dream killers. But then again, they are a part of life and it is how we handle them that matters. Even in the midst of a distraction endeavor to live in that moment and realize sometimes they change the course of our lives for the good.

Timeless dreamers of another day is a phrase that is impacting. The song does refer to seeing reminders of a past decade and how the shadows linger as the day comes to an end. Time does march on and life changes us. However, be a kid floating on a cloud in your mind and let yourself dream again, in the nighttime hours and in the daytime. Take a break from reality sometimes; embrace the kid inside and live life here and now.

Before I depart I want to share a bit from a movie that I recently enjoyed for the second time called, The Age Of Adeline. A strange phenomenon happened to her and for over 100 years she stayed at the age of 29. She was ageless and timeless at least until there was another phenomenon that occurred in her life that started the aging process again. If you have not seen it, it is worthy of your time to see and quite thought provoking. Timeless and ageless has it’s challenges too.

My final thoughts here are to keep time in perspective and let yourself live life to the fullest whatever that means to you. Don’t stop dreaming!

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