If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you know by now that I am inspired frequently by movies and music. If you pay attention you will find your soul touched by so many of them. This one song by DOM MAR KZ is both inspiring and uplifting.

Have you ever felt like it’s tough to be you? I know I have many times. When life knocks you down sometimes you just want to be someone else. But who? No one on the planet is immune to challenges and they all come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and intensity.

I love this songs lyrics because it speaks to being down but not staying down. He says ‘I can feel the stony ground’ and ‘My world’s come crumbling down.’ How do you manage to look up when you only see the stony ground and feel lost and alone?

But tomorrow is another day. A wise friend once told me when today looks gray, tell yourself, “I can get through one more day”. Maybe you need to tell yourself you can get through the next minute, the next hour; whatever it takes to move forward even it if is only at a snails pace.

Here are a few lines to encourage you: “When the sky is falling, and no one hears you calling and you feel like the color blue, there’s always something you can do when it’s tough to be you.” We can always do something like the song says.

So many of us don’t know who we are or why we are here. Let me give you a hint, you are here to be you and no one else. Who do you want to be? Why not be the best version of yourself you can be? I used to give the ladies in one of my classes an assignment to help them to start liking themselves more and take that step of loving themselves just as they are. I told them to go home and look at themselves in the mirror and say I like you. I heard a lot of giggles but it is a start.

We have been so programmed by the media, the movies, magazines and by others that we are not good enough as we are. You are good enough. You are perfect just as you are. I’m sure we all want to make some changes but you start where you are and accept yourself then you will find it a little easier to make the adjustments and become the best version of yourself.

To wrap it up, I will close this blog with the last few stanzas from the song.

Brother I see you falling down

Rise up again my friend

You used to own this town

What goes around comes back again

Look to the other side

Follow that street down past your pride

Up ahead I see better days

Come on boy, on your knees and pray

I’m working on a dream

Some day that dream’s gonna be me

Tomorrow is another day!

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