It’s been a while and I thought I might get back to it here on my blog. I didn’t intend to take so much time off, however, it was not my decision at the time. Here is my story and even though it was a serious accident, I decided to lighten up and laugh at myself now that I am past the drama.

it was about a month ago and I had just showered and washed my hair. Nothing out of the ordinary really until…

As usual, I had all the tools I needed to style my hair, brushes, combs, hair dryer and attachments and the hair products ready to go to do the typical styling. I have done this one way or the other all my adult life unless I’m being pampered at the hair salon.

Ok, here we go. One by one I apply my styling products. It’s all good so far. Next, pick up the hair dryer and attach the concentrator to focus the air on the bangs. Pick up the round brush and go to styling the back, then the sides.

Honestly, I don’t know how this happened because it happened to fast. I had almost finished and was working on the top of my head but had some of my hair swept over my face. I brushed by my face, my eye to be exact and my fingernail caught my right eye. Right across the cornea.

Ouch!!!! You say! And you are correct. It was excruciating to say the least. I thought maybe my brush had hit my eye but nope! My own fingernail took my eye out. I looked like someone had sucker punched me for over a week. I could not open my eye for days and the light was blinding. Thus the photo above. I was inside with one eye closed and wearing sunglasses.

I’ve done some crazy things, not intentionally of course, but this one was off the charts even for me. My hairstylist cringed when I told her and now I know doing your own hair is dangerous. My advice is to leave it to the professionals as much as possible. But I have done my hair since then, and much more carefully.

Why do I tell this tale on myself? Life lesson I imagine is why. When we do something stupid to ourselves, we need to step back and WINK!! How’s that for imagination, I got a lot of sleep that week and the next. To top it off, I was dog sitting that week and had my hands full.

I am laughing at myself now and I did have to find my sense of humor about it. I almost bought an eye patch but thought better of it. I’m all healed up from that episode so you can now WINK…….

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