In Central Oregon where I live now we are having some cloudy and rainy days. It’s not a common occurrence this time of year however. It can be very refreshing in the high desert and much needed.

I recall in North Carolina some years back when I was in outside sales that it rained and stormed every day in June on year. That did get old since it can be very humid and warm.

It is funny how so many complain about the rain isn’t it? You can have too much of a good thing but where would we be without the rain? The sound of rain is so soothing and to me even seeing lightning at a distance and the thunder that follows has such a beauty to it.

When it rains we want the sun. When it’s too hot and dry we want it to rain. Are we ever happy? I recommend taking a few minutes to take in your surroundings; look out the window and be thankful for what you see.

Rain is cleansing and healing to our land. It provides nourishment for nature. Ahhhh!!! Appreciate the sun when it shines and the rain when it falls. In life we will have both as well. If the rain never came there would be no flowers, no green grass, no trees for the birds to sit and sing in their branches.

I’ve done my share of complaining about the rain especially that June many years ago. As I glanced outside before writing this, I realized I was saying to myself, ‘I wish the sun would come out’. Then several birds landed on my bird feeders and were so happy it turned my thinking around.

Practice seeing the beauty in the rain literally and figuratively. Watch your thinking too! Be thankful for your life in the middle of a puddle and dance in the rain.


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