You may have heard the phrase before and since I am a preachers kid, I can and will take some “Poetic license” with it today. it originally means to try to convince somebody of something they already agree with. I always thought it meant I was telling you something I needed to hear. And that is where I will start.

Have you ever had it happen to you when you are talking to someone about something and you realize you need to hear it more than they do or at least as much? Yep! Me too and it recently happened to me.

I won’t bore you with the details but I want to talk to you about it. It just so happened that in a conversation not too long ago that I was hearing something I need to hear but did not necessarily want to hear. Then, less than 24 hours later I am having a very similar if not close to the same conversation with someone else.

As I was having the second conversation it dawned on me that I was the one who needed to hear it from my own lips and of course it helped the person I was talking to. Is it less painful to hear ourselves say it? An resounding NO. However, it solidified it for me and helped me get out of my own way.

In our lives we can truly get in our own way and not want to hear the way out from someone. It can be helpful to listen if we will hear but when we are hearing ourselves say it, it sinks in.

Honesty with yourself is the starting point. I needed to hear something and it was a bit uncomfortable to be candid. I sat with it and took some of it to heart but when I was helping another person it hit home.

It’s time to lighten up; shake it off; let it go. Change your perspective and be thankful. Life is heavy enough without us adding to it. Now you are aware of it, release it and love yourself enough to listen to yourself. Yep, I’m laughing at myself as I type this.

Ok, that’s it for today…

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