It’s almost Christmas Eve. For some reason, it always comes too quickly and poof it’s gone again only to wait another year. They (whoever ‘they’ are) say time flies by faster as you get older. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t necessarily see it that way. I heard that for years as I grew from a little tyke to a teenager and young adult. It could be that it seems that way because we watch the clock more.

When growing up I cannot recall watching the clock all the time. Now we have clocks everywhere; on our phones, our watches, on the walls and every appliance in the house. Recently I removed a big clock from the wall in front of me where I sit to read and write. I realized I checked it every few minutes. I gave that thing away and I still look up at the wall.

Time is relative in my opinion. You are entitled to yours of course, however, what would it be like to stop watching the clock all day and night? Maybe try that sometime soon. Back to Christmas Eve since that is the title of my blog today. It is a magical time of year and the expectations are high for the little ones. It’s hard to go to sleep knowing there could be some special goodies under the tree and hanging in our stockings.

Not all kids and folks have that blessing. Just think about it. Was there a time when you did not look forward to finding pretty packages? I won’t make this sad I promise. There are people who simply enjoy the meaning of the day and the season. What does Christmas Eve mean to you? A time of reflection? A time of gratitude? A time of a special meal with friends and / or family? For me it’s always been about expectation.

I have a photo of a tree being decorated by a young child on this blog. It is a reminder of what my family did on Christmas Eve. It seems we had an artificial one at times and other times a live one. Either way, we would decorate it on Christmas Eve with old fashioned colorful lights. Now I prefer the white ones but they are both beautiful. We had to fight with the fragile ornaments to get the crazy hangers on and not drop them. Ooops.

Then here comes the tinsel. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s not made any more. Too many cats and dogs and probably small children tried to eat it. Oh ours did. But we threw it on the tree competing with each other (all four of us) to see how high we could throw it. Yes a lot found it’s way to the floor. Oh then try vacuuming up that stuff ha ha ha. While we were decorating the tree we had the television on. And a side note for all of you smarty pants, yes we had it when I was a kid. We watched Lawrence Welk. Maybe only a few of you can remember that show. I’ll leave that one there.

To wrap this up (pun intended) there were always the last minute wrapping of the gifts for the procrastinators. And let’s not forget the parents late nights of putting together the bikes, trikes, doll houses and other such Santa stuff. Bless your hearts!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…….

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