Oh, it’s time to check in to see if you sent your letter to Santa yet. It may be too late kids, but do not give up. It seems he hears when you whisper in his ear if you catch my drift. Dear Santa letters. It is so refreshing to see the innocence of a child when they are telling Santa what they want for Christmas in a letter or in person.

I didn’t have children, I just decided to stay one. Oh you laugh. We all need to be a kid in many ways. The tone of the world and life in general can get so tainted and cynical. Kindness seems to be a lost art and in all honesty, I have become a bit jaded myself. But I want to embrace some of that innocence from my younger days. Thus, this blog.

I think I recall a song about “I don’t wanna grow up” or was that a jingle? Well jingle is appropriate this time of year isnt’ it? Back to my letter to Santa. I know I had to have written a few and he must have gotten them. It seems I had everything I asked for except the Barbie doll house and car. That’s okay. I was a big fan of the Barbie doll craze back in the day. My great Aunt Hettie had a friend of hers make custom fancy Barbie doll clothes. I still have them to this day but no Barbie to wear them.

If we could stop and write a letter to Santa today, what would it be about? What would you ask for? In recent years, even today, I’ve been purging a lot of belongings. I’ve sold, given and thrown away more than I’ve kept. My point being, stuff is not all that great when you stash it away and years later wonder why you kept it. Now for what I would ask for from Santa. My wish would be to take more time to write and read. Can he do that?

Kids usually want stuff for the most part. I’m good with that. Take time to be playful guys. Do something fun. Write out your letter like you were a kid right now. Someone is listening even if it’s not Santa. Dream big. Live your life and let yourself ‘feel’ young again. Just today a lady picking up some items I sold said age is just a number. Oh I wrote a blog about that.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy being you and don’t grow up so fast….. I hear jingle bells on their way.

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