This was the first blog on my new site here, I want to tell you a little about the name of my blog site.

Over the years having grown up as a preachers kid in the south, moving was the norm for us. There was little opportunity to develop permanent friendships that would carry through to adulthood with few exceptions. Moves were every 1 to 4 years and multiple schools had us always starting over and being the “new kid”.

I never grew accustomed to moving or adapting to finding friends even though I always made friends easily. It became easy to pretend. I don’t recall feeling lonely but I do recall not wanting to be in the spotlight. So many consider me an extrovert, when in reality, I love my alone time and pulling away from the crowd to regroup.

Making connections comes easy for me as many who know me would tell you. On the other hand, Courage and Confidence did not. How can you become more confident and step out in courage? In future blogs, I will share more of my stories and my heart to give you some ideas.

This is a personal blog and not a business blog (I already have one of those) but all areas of your life merge together and affect one another. More to come…

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