As I mentioned in my previous blog, I grew up in the south, North Carolina, to be exact. Not to give away my age, but to give you some perspective, it was a time that things were very different for little girls and women in general. I loved playing dress up in my Mom’s things and more so when we would go visit our Aunt Hettie, dress up was a blast.

She had this huge closet in an older house built in the 1800’s and it seemed to be mysterious to a little girl like myself. She had what seemed like a million evening gowns to me and she would let me play dress up. This closet was attached to her bedroom upstairs and had many secrets from my young perspective. Fondest of memories to this day,

Why do I tell you this story in a blog about courage? Because I can and it reminds me of being brave enough to explore the unknown and pretend. I grew up pretending a lot and there is more to that story that I’ll share in future blogs. Stay tuned……

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