Are you Crazy For Christmas? Guess what? Another great movie to see. This is one I watched many times and I never tire of it. For so many of us, Christmas takes us back to childhood and simpler times. It happens too that we can be complex and cynical.

In this particular movie a single mom is struggling to support herself and her son who is about 8 years old. She is a limo driver and I can relate to that since it was one of my not so illustrious businesses I owned. I was the only driver so please do not be too impressed.

It is hard work being on call and when you are struggling to get by in your own life, so many of your clients are able to pay you quite substantially. No worries of course, it was a living at the time. That is the same for this mom and she was called to a job on Christmas Eve. The plan was to spend it with her son. Plans were to go pick out a tree, decorate it, watch movies and eat popcorn.

As it often happens, things did not go according to plan. However, they went even better. I love surprises like this and she was not only caught off guard, she fought doing this ‘gig’ all the way. Her passenger turned out to be none other than her father.

Long story short here, she never met him and was raised by a single mom. Her mom had passed and insisted her father reach out to the daughter. He did. He was extremely wealthy. As the day passed, he was handing out $100 dollar bills to everyone they saw and everywhere they went. Of course until the end of the movie she had no idea who he was.

She got angry and frustrated with him over and over as he insisted on going roller skating, eating hot dogs and finally taking her to an elaborate townhouse he purchased and decorated for her. Including a tree and presents. The boy was ecstatic as you can imagine. What a delight this movie is and all the twists and turns it gives us to not have a clue until the end.

Why do I share this with you? The father was so childlike in his excitement for Christmas and it was contagious. Let your heart be childlike this year. Allow yourself the pleasure of believing again in the good in life and people. Until next time….Ho Ho Ho!

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