‘Tis the season’ isn’t it? Personally I have never owned an ugly Christmas sweater but I know people who have. In some families and circles it is considered a tradition. In the south where I grew up maybe it was simply too warm around that time of year. We seemed to get the colder weather in January and February. I digress…

Admit it, do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? It’s cool if you do and they can be fun to show off at that special party or holiday bash. Just be sure it’s in the dress code set by the host. Ha ha ha ha. In the photo on my blog, I like the one that says ‘NICE’ on the stocking on the sweater. There’s a message for you when you go out shopping.

Somewhere in the world there is a competition for the ugliest one but I prefer to not see those. I bet the handmade ones are the funniest. So much of todays clothing is made in factories and mass produced. I suggest you find one of a kind and be unique. If you don’t knit or crochet then find someone creative who does and game on to be your own person.

Don’t be mistaken, I have owned my share of sweaters in my time but now not so much. I think I am pickier than I used to be. That comes with age (but I’m not telling that detail). I used to crochet and made my share of afghans for friends and family. Some of those could qualify for an ugly afghan contest, if you catch my drift.

Someone who is close to me admitted to having been given an ugly sweater for Christmas by his mom. Not a Christmas theme however. It was a Jamaican theme. Now that was probably one he never wore. Oh yeah, he didn’t. Can’t blame him there, can you?

I’ll wrap this silly blog up now so you can go shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater for yourself or someone you think can’t live without it. (laughing hysterically) Personally, not happening now or ever but it’s worth a laugh or at least a crooked smile. See you soon…

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