Where is your focus? You may have heard it said, ‘What you focus on grows”. So I ask, what are you growing in your life? Are you living in the weeds of the past or sowing good seeds for a bountiful garden called your future?

If you aren’t paying attention, your mind will carry you like the wind in a storm and you will land in places not so pleasant. We have the awesome ability to choose what we think about.

I’ve been reading a book over the last few days called ‘Awareness’ and it is an eye opener. Why aren’t we happy? That is his focus. At first I didn’t quite understand the direction however as I continue in my reading of the book, it’s all making sense.

One of the offices I go to has a sign in their restroom that says, CHOOSE HAPPY. But do we? As the author points out in the book most people are asleep, sleepwalking through life and trying to get to ‘happy’.

We will be happy when we have this or that or meet that special person. People say things that indicate they can’t be happy if they lose someone or something in their lives. We base our happiness on the external.

But happiness is a choice and it has to come from the inside or we will always be miserable or looking for someone or something to generate those feelings of happiness.

What does this have to do with ‘Focus Forward”? Everything! We do need to live in the present while looking to a brighter future but if you are sowing seeds of unhappiness because your life is not what you want currently, you’ll grow more weeds and wonder why you’re constantly trying to escape your own mind.

My advice, choose happy. Focus on moving forward and live in a garden of your own making that is beautiful inside and out. While looking to a brighter future and using your ability to envision that, watch your thoughts and your words.

Don’t worry, BE HAPPY….

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