Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see or who you see? Children are so awesome especially at a very young age and they are so candid.

We use mirrors every day and do we truly see ourselves? Maybe you look only at your face to put on your makeup or shave if you are a guy. Take a look in your own eyes. You may do it all the time or never, but do you truly see you?

You are beautiful inside and out. You are perfect inside and out. I wrote yesterday about being happy. It all starts with that. When kids are young, they just accept themselves and others. They form opinions otherwise later in life.

Recently I had new headshots taken for my business, new logo and preparing for a new website. My point in that comment is that I wanted a new look that truly represents me. My old ones represented the me I thought I was 6 years ago. But they weren’t who I am.

The most difficult question to answer is “who am I?” Really, it is. Most people will tell you what they do when they are asked and say things such as I’m a mom, dad, teacher, salesman, coach, etc. You get the point. But that is what they do, not who they are.

A friend of mine was in Toastmasters a few years back. Her first speech was to answer that very question of “who am I?” She really struggled with it for a while. No hints here on how to answer, but I will challenge you to take time to reflect, look in the mirror and learn to like you. Then answering may be easier.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Time to stop reflecting others and look at your own reflection. Love yourself, forgive yourself if you need to.

Most of all, be yourself. I am….

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