Ahhh, springtime! It’s such an awakening time of year isn’t it? Somehow it’s refreshing and delightful. I don’t know where you live, but I come from North Carolina and it’s my favorite time of the year without question. In the spring there, the flowers come out in abundance and you see a parade of colors and the fragrance of the blossoms can transport you to another place,

I’ve experienced that overwhelming of the colors of the tulips showing off in yellows, reds, oranges, purples. I love the dogwoods as they show off in white and pink blooms welcoming in the new season. I miss that living out in Oregon. One of my favorites is the hydrangea bush which presents itself in many colors as you can see in the photo because it adapts to the acid in the soil. We too, often times need to adapt.

Maybe you are asking why I am writing about flowers and trees. I want to help you open your eyes to new beginnings, new seasons, new opportunities that can simply show up in your life. I have a sweet smelling memory from my childhood and yes, it was at my Aunt Hettie’s in Virginia. She has some scuppernong grape vines with a distinctive fragrance. When I catch a whiff of it, it takes me back to another time and place.

If you are feeling stressed or dealing with a challenging time, take a deep breath and try to recall a time and place with pleasant memories, aromas, fragrances. Go ahead and let yourself breathe. It’s all about perspective. Close your eyes……

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