Before you ask, yes, that’s Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard of Oz. By now you are figuring out that I love movies and in particular the encouraging ones and those that touch the soul and encourage the heart. This scene has a meaning. She is in the tornado and running to take cover. What speaks to me here is the wind. She has definitely got the wind blown look.

The other day we had some very strong winds here, at least 40 mph and maybe stronger gusts. It was a sunny day and warm enough to open some of the windows in my home. I have a recliner near one of the windows overlooking my back yard and garden. I could see the trees blowing almost horizontally. My sweet boy kitty, Tobe was on my lap asleep while I was enjoying a movie.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew through my house and literally blew the screen out of the window beside me. I did manage to get up and keep Tobe from going that way and getting curious and escaping. It scared both of us so that what immediately came to mind was the wind in the Wizard of Oz scene in the picture. My next thought was of the house being lifted up and carried away.

They say great minds think alike and I was over visiting a good friend last night and we talked about the wind that day. She said the exact same thing about the Wizard of Oz and the house being lifted up!

Wind can be very powerful and destructive and yet be good at the same time like clearing the air and it did.

Moral to my story here is, well, there isn’t one really, just something that occurred and I wanted to share. No great insight per-say. However, you can direct your “sail” to where you want to go when the wind comes. Stay alert and present. Dorothy had the wind blown look and that’s okay because in the end she went home, in a hot air balloon. I’ll tie that in with this mornings sighting of one above my home!

Up up and away…….

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