You’ve probably heard it said that life happens while we make other plans. We will always see surprises in life and some are pleasant and some are very challenging. How well do you roll with it when life catches you by surprise?

For me, I do not always find surprises fun yet I am learning to stop and take a look at the bright side. At times, we get good surprises and we all like those. It’s when something comes around that we could in no way predict or plan for. Let me ask you another question then. Do you get angry, discouraged, disappointed?

The photo I chose for my blog today was one of a beautiful sunrise at the place I lived for a year. I loved it and preferred to stay for a long time. This was right outside my back door. I had scenic views all the time and my heart felt like it belonged there.

When I had to relocate recently, my heart was shattered in so many ways. It wasn’t a total surprise because I was aware of the possibility of a relocation. However, my heart felt at home and at peace every day. I fought the idea and reality of moving (again). I cannot say I took it well because I did not. I have a very stubborn streak without question,

I also cannot say I landed on my feet because I haven’t yet. Change is very hard for the majority of people and no matter how it comes, it can come hard. How we respond is what matters. And to feel upset, angry, let down, hurt, etc. is normal and don’t let anyone tell you to get over it. I have wrongly said that to others and it doesn’t help.

What does help is to have someone stand by your side with empathy and be there as you process whatever change you may be going through. I am slowly making a comeback in my life. Sometimes it all hits the fan at once causing a perfect storm and I know I am mixing metaphors. But it fits.

Recently I have read a wonderful book that is helping change my perspective and viewpoint. It’s called “Awareness” by Anthony DeMello. He points out that we cling to people and things and think we can’t be happy without them. It does feel that way and yet, if we aren’t happy inside, nothing outside of us will make and keep us happy. We put pressure on others and situations when all the while, it’s us, inside,

Make plans, have dreams and dream big. Yet if life kicks you in the gut with or without a warning, take a deep breath and look inside. Life does happen while we are making other plans but there will come another sunrise. Like the song says, ‘tomorrow is only a day away’!

Do your best to enjoy you and where you are now. That is the adjustment I am making and I am daily challenged. You are worth it and your happiness depends on you. It’s time to let go of guilt and fear……

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