First of all, this isn’t about a runaway bride literally, but about running away from challenges in our lives. Over the last year or so, the challenges have been overwhelming to many of us. I am in that group in what feels several times over.

We run away from many things in our lives instead of going face to face with them. Sometimes life just kicks us from the behind and there’s no choice but to face that challenge or issue. What we do have a choice in, is how we respond and how we think about and perceive what is happening. It is easy to lay down and play the victim in some cases whatever the reason. Personally, I’ve played the victim and I’ve been the victim. I’ve been in a place of overwhelming odds against me feeling NO WAY OUT!

Other times, I hardly notice the challenge at hand. The majority of the time, however, I’ve had the opportunity to change my perspective, to see it from a different view point. I love kaleidoscopes and how they change their shapes, sizes and colors so beautifully. Maybe looking at life and seeing the varying shapes and sizes can help us see the beauty of the “trouble”.

Another comparison is a telescope and how we can zoom in and focus on something and make it so huge it’s insurmountable or take a far off viewpoint and take in the whole landscape. Yes, trouble can come our way and honestly, we bring a lot of it on ourselves. I won’t go any further with that thought at this time. Pause and think…..

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