Are you enjoying your journey? Have you hit some potholes? We all do no matter where we are on our journey, we will likely hit a pothole or two. Do you keep going?

Ironically, I don’t like bicycles and never learned to ride one and you can stop staring at me now Ha Ha Ha!. But seriously, my parents bought me a bicycle when I was around 8-9 years old. I really tried to ride it and like it yet, no go on my part. I could never find the balance to stay up and learn. I think one of my siblings took over. Then as an adult, I tried again, maybe more than once to no avail, nope, not me, not now, not ever. I simply do not like riding a bicycle. I even sold my recumbent bike recently and finally, lesson learned.

I haven’t always enjoyed the journey either in life. I’ve hit many potholes over the years, taken wrong turns and at times I only wanted to lay down by the proverbial roadside or the ditch where no one could see me, It can be embarrassing to get thrown off your bike or your game in life. Maybe you need to lay down and stare at the sky when that happens and have a good laugh at yourself. That isn’t a bad idea actually, Perhaps you were going too fast and life decided you need to slow down.

Take a cue from me if you haven’t had any obstacles to deal with (smile) and take time to breathe, look up, check out the scenery and the beauty in life. There is beauty everywhere and we are created to take it in not fly past it. More stories later….

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