I grew up riding on Merry-Go-Rounds and you may have as well depending on your generation. We also had see-saws, but I digress. Well, I am not really sure why this topic came to mind, but I will run with it and see where it goes; hopefully not in a circle!

There are different kinds of merry-go-rounds and carousels. I love those too. Childhood fun came in many forms and that was one of my favorites. You needed someone to get it started and keep it going. It helped if there was an adult around to do the pushing, if you catch my drift and in my generation, we weren’t as cautious and somehow we survived.

Then there’s the one in real life and the definition I found was, “a set or series of repeated activities that are quick, confusing, or difficult to leave”. That about sums it up, doesn’t it? You may have been in situations or circumstances that could be in that category. Once you get going, there’s no getting off easy. If you’re going to get off, you will either be required to jump, and that’s tricky or wait for it to stop.

Speaking in a figurative sense as well as literal, jumping may be the best option. Where are you going in circles in your life? Do you need to take a leap of faith and jump while it’s still spinning seemingly out of control? My advice would be to take some time to look at your life and see if you’re going so fast it’s all a blur and take that chance to jump off and change your perspective.

Don’t wait for life to “stop” the spinning, because sometimes it just keeps picking up the speed and well, you’ll get dizzy. You may also experience some “dizziness” for a short time after you land on your butt on the ground, but hey, stand up, dust yourself off and wobble into a clearer perspective.

Ready, set, jump.,,,,,

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