Where are you right now? Thank you for coming to read my blog. I’ve been gone a few days recently from my writing. I love to write and yet, in all honesty I was spending my valuable time worrying.

About what you may ask? That’s not relevant but suffice it to say, I was overly concerned about things in which I want answers and yet they weren’t coming. Even if you do have control, is worry worth it? I hope you say NO! Worry is a waste of you, your life, your peace and most of all, your health.

Worry never gives anything good, it only takes away from the good. It seems so easy at times to give advice and yet so tough to take it from yourself. Remember the phrase, “preaching to the choir”? As a preachers kid, it’s kind of a funny saying.

What are you worrying about? How do you let go of it? I don’t have all the answers, no one does, but peace is easier to come by than you might think. Worry comes out of fear, mostly fear of the future and what ‘could’ happen as well as worrying over the past that maybe we did something in our past life that was bad or hurtful.

Peace! Peace! Peace! Are you there yet? Take a deep breath first of all and ask yourself if you can change what you are worried about? Then, be mindful of your thoughts. Watch a funny movie, text or call someone who might need to hear from you to be encouraged. We are in control of our minds and our thoughts. But the other night, I let my mind run away like a freight train over everything imaginable in my life and others. I know what it feels like to feel worry and not able to find that place of peace.

I did finally get to sleep and took a nap the next day. I can tell you that what I had questions and concerns about that night, some are still there. I write, I consider, and I give myself grace to be me and ponder potential answers. The answers are there, but in the quiet stillness, not in our frantic worry.

Let peace come to you dear readers, you can’t force it but have to let it in. Open your heart to it and it will show up. Now it’s your turn. Open the door…

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