You may be asking yourself what is “net-being”? We all are familiar with “networking” because it is a normal part of business and life in some respects. I want to explore the term “net-being” with you to put a bit of a spin on how we go about “networking”.

Networking by definition is:

a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest

interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.

Networking is defined as the act of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups and institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationships,

If you are in business or a business person, in all likelihood, you have been doing this to promote your business. However, is there a better way? That is what we will look at in this blog. There is a better way and different perspective. Having been in sales and marketing the majority of my career, my success was limited to the old school method of “selling” for many years. Becoming aware of this basic principle had a profound effect on my income.

“Networking provides a situational focus to gain competitive personal success and for individuals to connect with others to accomplish individual project tasks.” That quote sounds somewhat selfish. As a coach, a big focus for my clients who are in sales of some type, I work on redirecting them away from the fear of not making sales when they try to establish a new contact. Now that we are refreshed on the “networking”, let’s move on and find out what “net-being” is and how it can have a positive impact on your life and business.

“Net-being” – there is no “definition” per-say for this new idea. However, I believe it deserves our attention and a re-focusing of thoughts to create a mutually beneficial business world and also our own personal worlds.

Before we go into that, let’s talk about having a relationship focus. Relationship is a flow of feeling. Its about connection.

The Five R’s of Relationship

1. Rewardingness: an ongoing exchange and flow based on mutual benefit for all. It may be providing services or products or sharing learning, contacts or resources.

2. Reciprocity: a corresponding and complementary exchange – quality of being reciprocal. Most long standing relationships are grounded in some form of reciprocity in the giving and receiving of rewards.

3. Rules: an established regulation or guide for conduct. Everyone brings rules (or boundaries) to all relationships or at least we need them / conditions for relationships. Suspending as necessary too.

4. Resourcefulness: the ability to effectively and efficiently respond to problems and determines resources that are important (people, technology, materials, services, time, etc.) This helps in the taking of a large network of contacts and turning them into purposeful connections.

5. Relationshift: this reflects that a relationship never really ends, it simply flowsto something else. It becomes relevant again when time, opportunity and a mutual focus re-emerges. A collaboration ending now, may come back again twenty years from now.


In NetBeing, individual purposes overlap and a joint focus fosters mutual and multiple successes. NetBeing transforms networking contacts to a relationship focus through person to person connection. It links creativity, resources, and ideas, people to people in mutually supportive, rewarding and purposeful relationships over a lifetime.

Creating success for others along the way takes on a life of it’s own! I’ve lived it. What you have traditionally done to satisfy customers is not enough. Individuals want a deeper connection! New ways of showing up today and beyond must be continuously considered.

This is where balance comes in also. People want a balance in life between work, play, family and in a fast paced world, it’s even more vital to all of us. Connections are even more important now than ever. We wind up working as a team in an effort to support one another even if we work in a business alone.

To clarify the distinction between “Networking” and “NetBeing” consider the following:

– It’s a place we are coming from, as opposed to a place we are going to.

– It’s a way we are all the time and everywhere, as opposed to something we do some time and some places.

– It brings the whole person to the forefront of every interaction.

– It supports the very familiar rule of reciprocity; what goes around comes around.

– It balances and integrates autonomy and interdependence.

A changing world has narrowed the boundaries of the world and opened up opportunities that two short decades ago would not have been imagined. NetBeing focuses the state of concentration on meeting challenges with greater ease.

The world of relationship is like a Kaleidoscope. People change. Look around you and you’ll see how different and varied your relationships are than they were even six months ago. You can become a part of the Kaleidoscope – get inside the viewer and be the one that determines the next pattern if you make up your mind to.

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