We have just had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and I want to emphasize the value of relationships in our lives. Bear with me here, because we tend to take them for granted until too late. I had a wonderful conversation with my Mom on Sunday, Mother’s Day. She has a hard time hearing and speaking now, but every second was precious. With all that has been going on for over a year, we have not been able to talk for several months. That was tough, I won’t sugar coat it. And another person in my life for years passed just over a week ago. We weren’t close when she passed, but my heart felt the loss of her from this life. This is not meant to be sad, because I learned something through both of these. Relationships can be complicated without question and demanding at times. Being single now puts me in a position of reflecting back and by the way, without regrets as I’ve said before. There were those years my Mom was around a lot and had the ability to have a normal conversation. I can say that like a lot of us, I didn’t necessarily appreciate the ease in which that happened. Relationships are so precious and valuable. In a disposable society, we can lose sight of that. Things we want, things we crave, things we need take precedent too often and yet they stay here when we are gone. We need things to live on planet earth, it’s a matter of how we see things and balance. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate family and friends more and more and the issues we may encounter with those relationships take a back seat or disappear altogether now. There will always be messy times in any relationship and friendship. Being present in the moments you have with those special people will create memories that last. Just like taking time to breathe the fresh air, look up at a starry night sky or taking a walk, enjoy the moment you are in. A side note but one of great importance is you have a relationship with yourself. Are you being present for you? Your relationships with others will only be as good as the relationship you have with yourself. Embrace yourself and you will be more able to embrace others. The other day, I was texting with a friend and we were discussing our differences and how that makes for a colorful world. How boring would it be if we were all the same? Awful to be quite frank. Enjoy your differences and appreciate them. Value those you love and care for. Be in the moment when you are with them or talking to them. We need each other and we are all connected. Don’t wait for loss to wake you up to see them. Consider this a wake up call…..

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