I love music! It moves my heart and soul and this song I heard for the first time today did just that. SMILE! Are you smiling yet? You will be before I am done.

You’ve always got a reason to SMILE! You may be thinking or even saying right now, no I don’t. Been there, done that. A few of the lyrics alone make me smile. For instance, “Life is gonna pull you down, Make it hard to see; But a little change in your point of view, Could be just what you need.”

Smiling yet? Look around and smile at someone and you may just make their day and yours. How do you change your point of view? Smile for no reason at all. Get up and do a little dance; put on some music and move a little. Start with your face and smile.

Laughter is good for the soul and you can’t laugh, really laugh without a smile. I dare you to try it right now. My silly cat, Tobe has a way of getting a grin out of me. He’s just nuts enough at times to pull my spirits up. Laughter is healing for the heart and soul.

“Smile, just clap your hands; Smile, there’s a bigger plan.” Life is way too serious or should I say, we take life too seriously. As the song also says, there is always a reason to smile. Smile like you’ve got a secret but you won’t tell anyone. Oh did I just see a smile?

My mom used to say “Don’t you smile, your face may crack”. That did it.

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