Spilling The Beans

The other day I was having a conversation by way of texting with a friend who was heading over to see me and bring something to me. She texted back to tell me she wouldn’t be able to make it here. Then she explained that the had bumped her cup of coffee in her car and it covered everything in her front seat including what she was bringing me. Oops!

That brought to mind a coffee story of my own. I was in outside sales for many years in North Carolina. I loved going to a coffee shop in the local mall called Gloria Jeans. My favorite for years. This particular day it was raining non-stop and I had on a raincoat and had my huge golf umbrella to keep me as dry as possible.

I headed into the mall, ordered my coffee and more than likely a biscotti to enjoy. I had my purse over my right shoulder as I always did and my coffee in my left hand. I juggled the umbrella with my right hand.

It was quite a lot of rain and I was dodging puddles. I got to my car as quickly as possible to avoid getting soaked since the wind was whipping around and the rain seemed to ignore my umbrella.

I arrived at my car, unlocked it but not before placing my cup of coffee on top of my car to free up a hand. You may see this one coming but I’ll tell you anyway.

Coffee on the top of the car, trying to keep my purse on my shoulder all the while endeavoring to stay under my huge umbrella. Here comes the oops! My umbrella caught the top of my coffee cup (probably a very large one) and down it went. Not only did my coffee do a forward dive off the top of my car, when it hit the ground it hit with a big splash.

I was all dressed up for sales calls when my slacks got a new design. Thankfully they weren’t white but the splash was so forceful it splattered all the way up my raincoat. Nice!! Oh well, that happened.

Here’s the grand finale to my story. I told myself I will be more aware from now on and less in a hurry. But wait, I did do it again and in almost the exact same fashion only this time, light colored clothes. That umbrella, or maybe the owner of it.

I couldn’t believe it. Same coffee shop, another rainy day and headed for sales calls. Lesson learned and no it never happened again. Why mention spill the beans instead of the coffee for a title? To get your attention.

Here’s the take away for this blog. Pay attention, be mindful of what you’re doing and learn the lesson the first time. It saves on dry cleaning and coffee! Don’t spill….

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