What is gratitude? ‘Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness towards the world, or towards specific individuals. The person who feels gratitude is thankful for what they have, and does not constantly seek more.’

I’ve written before about gratitude or being thankful. Today, I write about it again because I need the reminder. I like the definition where it says a warm feeling of thankfulness. It is a warm feeling when you are grateful.

We all have someone or something we can be grateful for in our lives. I won’t list all that I am thankful for here because it would take hours. However, sometimes a problem, a concern, an issue or busyness puts us in a state of focusing on a need or a lack instead of what we do have.

I read recently that hurry is fear. And that is a fact. When we are rushing or hurrying, it’s because we are afraid of missing out or losing something. Think about that a moment!

I’m also writing about being grateful to hold myself accountable to me. Sometimes we simply need to let go and release our concerns so we can hear an answer. I know that is the case for me.

The more we are thankful for what we have in our lives such as family, friends, food, our faculties, and so much more, then we allow more good in. Angst shuts the door and cuts off the flow of good. We step on the garden hose if you will consider the analogy.

I’ll wrap it up with this, don’t wait for thanksgiving to practice this. Do it now. Do it every day. Do it all day and before you go to sleep. Take your foot off the hose of goodness and let it flow. Release….

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