I have recently been going to see a physical therapist and he is putting me through my paces. I’ve had a few injuries over the years and it affected so much of my life.

I love walking outdoors in a nice setting as well as lifting weights since I was in my 20’s. Our muscles have memory and thankfully mine will start to have some memory recall.

My point in this topic is it is painful to undo what was done over the years and a lack of physical activity has weakened my body. One chiropractor told me several years ago that there are two reasons we can have physical pain.

The first reason is weakness and lack of use. The second is as we build our bodies back up there is a time of pain we go through regaining that which we lost. I am experiencing the latter right now but I will be better and stronger for it.

Our lives in general have this in common. What we don’t use, we can lose and it gets weaker. It is not always fun or painless to come back from being weak in our lives either. Our mindset of pushing through can help us.

However, a relaxed mind can help us even more. My PT and I had that chat about talking ourselves out of what we need and making it more painful when we do what will help us by dreading it. It does mean a change in our mindset to get stronger.

As challenging as it can be, I will rebuild physically and help my body recall how strong I am. In life, we can do the same thing. Take a new look at life today. You are worth it whatever that is for you.

It’s your turn….

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