Ahhh, I don’t know where you live but in Central Oregon, this is a very popular thing to do. I’m sure today and the next few days here the river will be a busy place with those who float.

Personally, I have not tried this but I have been told it is amazing and unbelievably relaxing thing to do. It’s one of the ultimate letting go experiences. I have floated in a pool, a lake and an ocean if that counts.

I love the sound of water in a creek, a river, an ocean and waterfalls. Water supports our weight when we let go. It is a trust factor when you want to float.

In my family we went to Myrtle Beach almost every year that I can remember so I am well acquainted with the Atlantic Ocean and enjoying floating and riding the waves back in. We didn’t surf!

My younger brother was considered the fish in the family. He taught himself to swim at a very young age and actually helped me learn to swim. Now living in Oregon, the Pacific ocean isn’t so friendly as the Atlantic for warm temperatures to enjoy a good swim.

Even though I am not a great swimmer, I am a great floater and could do a good dog paddle. I had an experience a number of years ago in a workshop that helped me learn to trust. It was a good size group and we were divided into smaller groups of about 8 or 10. Each of us had a turn at standing on a chair and falling backwards onto the arms of the others in our group.

My recollection is it was a little scary but liberating as well. It is a huge deal to trust strangers and it is also a challenge to trust the water and let go to float.

Another floating experience I have had several times is in a float tank, in the dark and with enough salt water that you cannot sink. Now that is total sensory deprivation at it’s finest.

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘float’? It’s a letting go of our fears and apprehension and trusting you are supported. Many thoughts can come to mind when you step out and trust that the water will support you or the raft won’t blow up and leave you sinking in the water.

Floating is equivalent to trusting. I hope this finds you cool and refreshed and able to let go! (Or go get a float, the kind with ice cream.)


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