We all have sweet memories don’t we? This is a caramel cake. My memory of this cake (photo borrowed) comes from the place of many of my sweet memories.

My Aunt Hettie, you’ve read about her before in my blogs, baked these quite often. She was an amazing cook and baker. My memory of this cake is of it’s extreme sweetness. What I remember most is how the icing was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. But that didn’t stop me from eating it.

I haven’t had a bite of one of these cakes in decades. My Aunt Hettie lived well into her 90’s and was my mentor. She taught me to sew at a young age. I loved being there and you will read more in upcoming blogs about her and the sweet memories from my time with her.

Life can be bittersweet at times. I’ve written before about our focus. Sometimes we are in a place where it all gets jumbled up and the sweet mixes with the bitter. But in the end for me, the takeaway is the sweetness.

I can actually ‘taste’ the caramel when I look at the picture and think about the times I ate it. When you bake a cake from scratch, frequently you sift the flour. In life there are times that feel like we are being sifted too.

Sifting breaks up any lumps in the flour and aerates it simultaneously. Let’s focus on the aerating. But we do have to get the lumps out or when you bite into that sweetness you may get a mouthful of flour!

Aerating introduces air into the mix. I’ll take writers privileges and compare that to breathing. Introducing air into your life, fresh air. So when a bittersweet moment comes into your life, introduce it to some fresh air – breathe. Sift out the lumps and add air.

Take a bite of the sweetness. Take a deep breath. In the end, the sweetness wins out. Ready for a piece of cake? Yum….

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