Time! It comes and it goes. Many songs and books have been written about time. This is a very old mantle clock that was given to me by my Mom a number of years ago; not sure how long.

Time has a way of slipping by and going too quickly in our lives, daily, yearly and on and on it goes. Do you ever just stop the clock and turn off life long enough to enjoy what is around you? Easier said than done.

My clock stopped at 1:12 many years ago and because of the significance of the clock, I decided to leave it at that time. I recall the clock being on my Aunt Hettie’s mantle of her fireplace in the dining room of her beautiful home in Petersburg, Virginia.. I think I may have a photo somewhere taken when I was in high school of it there.

Why write about time? Honestly, I simply want to encourage you to spend your time wisely and that doesn’t always mean time management with a silly calendar or smart phone reminding you to do something or be somewhere. I agree those are a part of our lives and I use them.

I’m currently reading a book by a dear friend of mine I met in North Carolina who now resides in Kansas about the life of him and his sweet wife who passed a few years back. It is a legacy for his grandchildren. He captures the past of his ancestors and heritage.

This cause me to stop and consider how valuable it is to stop and take pause in our lives. Can you appreciate who and what is around you? Or are you running around in an endeavor to survive? I know survival mode all too well and will no longer stay in that mode. There are dangers of course, but I’m speaking of our fears chasing us and we lose complete track of time and before we know what hit us, we are older and ask, “What happened?”

Time happened but you weren’t awake. Take time to live your life. Take your eyes off the electronic screen. Walk outside, breathe some fresh air, hug someone. When you are giving your beloved pet some attention, pay attention. Notice the feel of things, enjoy the food you eat by taking your time.

I am thankful I have a number of documents detailing my family heritage on my Mom’s side and will do some writing to put together a book in the future. We can’t stop time, but we can stop the clock from ticking away and wearing away our lives.

As one of my favorite people says often, “Love yourself enough to do this.” My encouragement for you today, do it!


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