I love the universe. It is so amazing and always expanding. We have a very limited perspective on what is out there. Would you take a trip out there?

Are you willing to take the limits off of your life? It is a scary thing to consider the unknown but exciting to consider the possibilities too. There are many opinions and debates on setting limits and many believe we can’t do something because of our background, race, religion, etc.

I will not get into those discussions however, I will encourage you to consider where you have set limits on yourself. There are time constraints for sure on our planet earth. But did you ever consider that in the quantum world, there is no time and no limits?

Can you use your imagination here a little and take a trip out there? It’s cold, so wrap up but leave your limits here because out there, we will not need them and you won’t want them. If you are someone who prefers to keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground, take a seat.

Imagine without a space suit or needing oxygen for your survival you can simply take off and travel through a worm hole, also known I believe as a black hole. They do exist. Well if they don’t, it’s my story and I prefer to believe they do.

Life can take us out to some netherworlds can’t it? We can feel like we are in a black hole and can’t see anything or any way out. Picture this. You’re traveling at light speed and you are catapulted into a worm hole. You land in a different time and a totally foreign place.

Do you explore or do you try to get back in the way you came out? Let’s say you wouldn’t know until you get there.

What do you believe you can’t do but passionately desire to do? Is your subconscious keeping you too planted and ‘secure’? Are you willing to go deep into your imagination and explore? I truly believe that nothing is impossible that you desire, envision and let yourself be drawn into a place to let it happen.

Is your past holding you down? Are you willing to take the limits off that you or someone else has set? Are you living to please others and keeping yourself held down because of what someone may think? It’s not their life, it’s yours.

Recently I’ve met a couple of great folks that have passions they want to explore but not sure they can carve out time to pursue, such as film making and painting. I encouraged them to eek out some time to start and see where it goes.

Time to launch so I’ll leave it here but you’re welcome to go with me. I’ll be back….

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