Are you connected or disconnected? The word connect means ‘bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established’. So disconnect would mean the opposite. There are connections in life of all sorts. There are business connections, personal connections, computer connections, electrical connections. You get my drift so connecting means a type of contact and a link. In business, I connect people to each other in various ways and it can be virtual or personal. Once I introduce them, it is up to them to take it from there and get to know each other. In personal relationships, it’s much the same.

If you unplug your computer or television, you lose the ability to benefit from the ‘connection’ and the source. Unplugging however, can be very beneficial in our lives. We are so connected to our devices that often someone cannot function without it. In our relationships, sometimes we also need to unplug and clear our minds of opinions and distractions. Don’t get me wrong, relationships are vital to our survival and well being. I’m not advising to ignore or avoid people but taking time to yourself can help you think more clearly or stop thinking. Too much analysis can lead to paralysis is a phrase I’ve heard for years. It is true in many instances. When disconnecting from problems, issues, distractions, you can replace it with connecting with nature, with your pets, with yourself. There is an idea! Did you catch that or was I typing too fast? Why not connect with YOU. Do you need to be reintroduced to yourself? Maybe now is a good time. We learn to hide and avoid and run from ourselves in our culture. Our health depends on connecting with who we are. In social media there are many connections we have. For instance there are ‘friends’ and there are followers. But ‘friends’ needs to be use loosely in this case. For me, most of them are acquaintances and I’ve never met them and never will. Find your connections in life and they will change at times. Really take time to consider getting to know yourself. Then you can connect with others. Being in nature or just being quiet will help you to be more connected, to be more present. If you don’t like yourself, ask why? What is it you don’t like? But more importantly ask yourself ‘what do I like about me?’ Then answer……

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