Hello to all my wonderful readers. I have found one of the most amazing songs that I have ever heard in my entire life I do believe. I hope you will follow me on this celestial journey. Jump on and enjoy!

This song, Welcome To Earth has spoken so deeply to my heart. I happened upon this song while watching a short inspirational video and it grabbed me. The first two lines in this song ‘Welcome to Earth, where the broken and the beautiful collide’. This is so true of life isn’t it? We all have broken places in us and also beautiful places. They collide in our hearts and souls frequently.

Personally, up until recently (okay, it still happens) I disliked the broken parts of myself as I am a recovering perfectionist. I don’t think you ever get completely free of that but at least I recognize when it creeps up. But I digress; back to the subject at hand. Our brokenness brings out the beauty. Have you heard the expression that a cracked pot lets the light shine through.

Another line in this great song is ‘But the dark is what will lead you to your light’. Do you believe that? I do without question. They say that you have to hit bottom sometimes. Then you only have one direction to go – UP. Truly I can look back over the last few years of my life and see the truth in that. I had a wake up call, well multiple wake up calls to be honest. And I had a coach that helped me hit the bottom even more so to see I can always change direction but I had to choose to see the light.

‘Let go of the answers, Just hold on to mystery, yeah’ another line in the song that speaks volumes to us. We (recovering) perfectionist have a hard time letting go of needing the answers in order to move forward. I want to know the how and letting things come to me has been a learning process. It’s called surrendering and releasing the need to know it all. I love that we can hold on to mystery. We did that as children but as adults forget that mystery holds so much.

Now check out this line, ‘There’s a world out there that’s waiting to be seen’. Yes there is. Tough times are always there somewhere, but what do you want? Do you want to see what life’s mysteries are waiting around the corner? I don’t mean trouble. I mean the good stuff that we often dismiss in lieu of expecting the bad to drop kick us into the dark.

Then this: ‘Let your spirit fly, and your soul reach out; Brothers and sisters, together now; We’re the human race, it’s who we are’. All I can say is a big YES! No matter how far down you may have gone, you can always come back up and let your spirit fly; let it soar. we are all in this life together and connected at deep levels.

Now for a few more stanzas that will pull this all together for us. ‘Make this moment all you’ve wanted; We are here together, standing proud; We were meant to live our dreams out loud’. Yes we are meant to live our dreams out loud, not hide them but open up and embrace all you can be and encourage others to do the same.

A little digression here as I want to share that I recently was laid off from a job where I got to meet some absolutely amazing folks and learned that I can rebound. This catapulted me to rethink my coaching passion and start moving back into what I truly love. Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone to try something different, I would not be seeing gifts and strengths in myself that were dormant.

A couple of final thoughts here is a line that says ‘Welcome to Earth where the things you love can bring you to your knees, around the world, You gotta find a way to turn your war to peace; You just can’t change the storms that come your way. Welcome to Earth where a heart can be reborn after the rain’. Let love in and let love win. It can bring you to your knees; it did me. And the storms that come your way, enjoy the rain and let your heart be reborn.

In closing, when you get through the tough places, you will look back and see you did some amazing things and will get to help someone who may not think they will ever make it through. Welcome To Earth!

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